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Presentation of the pathway "IVF Quality Manager Qualification"

Presentation of the pathway "IVF Quality Manager Qualification"


During the introductory meeting for the Quality Manager course, the following points will be addressed:

1. The Role of the Quality Manager

This section will cover the essential responsibilities and functions of a Quality Manager within an IVF center. It will discuss the importance of maintaining high standards of quality, ensuring compliance with regulations, and overseeing the implementation of quality management systems to improve overall patient care and laboratory practices.

2. The Training Path to Qualify as a Quality Manager

This part will outline the structured training program designed to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to become a certified Quality Manager. It will include details about the curriculum, key learning modules, practical training components, and assessments that candidates will undergo to achieve the qualification.

3. The International Register: Added Value and Opportunities

Here, the discussion will focus on the significance of the International Register for certified Quality Managers. It will highlight the benefits of being listed on the register, such as increased professional recognition, networking opportunities, and access to international best practices and resources that can enhance career prospects and professional development.

4. Testimonials About the Course

 In this section, participants will hear from former students and professionals who have completed the Quality Manager course. These testimonials will provide insights into their experiences, the impact of the training on their careers, and the value they found in the program. This segment aims to offer a first-hand perspective on the benefits and effectiveness of the course.


Event Information

Event Date 26-07-2024 13:30
Event End Date 26-07-2024 14:30
Cut Off Date 26-07-2024 13:00
Individual Price Free of Charge
Date del corso JULY 26, 2024
Number Hours 1
Location Webinar - Online
Categories Percorsi di qualifica, PMA - Centri di Procreazione Medicalmente Assistita

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